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Fast forward to 2013 and the Xbox 360 has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Aside from going through some design revisions, cloud functionality and numerous new software features, there is one of those features that really stands out and it's all part of Microsoft's vision for three screens and a cloud: Xbox … Xbox LAN and Xbox 360 System Link How-To | The Official Halo CE supports up to 16 players but it only supports up to 4 Xboxes in a single game. So if you want to play 16 player Blood Gulch you need 4 players on each Xbox. Xbox 360 Online Multiplayer How-To. You can play most Xbox and Xbox 360 games over the internet. If you need help setting up your Xbox 360 for the internet there is a detailed Can I set up a new Xbox 360 out of the box without Wifi I have an Xbox Live account on my Xbox One but I won't have access to Wifi/Internet until next month and I bought like 30 used 360 games along with my new Xbox 360 and it would be a bummer if I can't play them without any Wifi/Internet connection.

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When you set your Xbox 360 to a static IP address, the router does not know that the Xbox 360 is using that IP address. So the very same IP address may be handed to another computer or console later, and that will prevent both devices from connecting to the internet.

Windows Media Player will allow you to set up media sharing with your Xbox 360 console, and you may already have it installed on your computer. The settings for the player may be slightly different, depending on which version of Microsoft Windows you are using.