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Jan 23, 2019 · Hi everyone, I've recently upgraded my late 2011 A1278 13" Macbook Pro, installing an SSD in the main SATA socket, and the previous HDD in the optical bay. After making the install, my laptop performance has decreased a lot. I can't even run Safari or Google Chrome without a Youtube video The list above contains the most common reasons your MacBook Pro is slow. It might not have all the reasons for a slow MacBook, but it will get your device working better and faster again. From the fixes, we can see that it is possible to get the Mac working correctly in just a few simple steps. Jul 02, 2015 · Hi everyone, I have a little problem with my macbook (mid 2010). When i use wi-fi connetion, my internet is slow. I have 10 Mbps internet. Here is result of speedtest i made: Feb 27, 2019 · Hello, Why is Powerpoint extremely slow (starting up and opening an existing PPT)? No other Office app is slow (Word, Excel, Outlook, ). There is a 5-10 second delay, once launching Powerpoint. There’s no greater enemy to your productivity than slow internet. And having slow internet can happen to anyone anytime and anywhere in the globe. There could be a lot of reasons why your MacBook Pro or Air alike is having Internet problems so, we’ve picked out the most common ones. These are the following: a.) MacBook Pro/Air Operating Top 10 Tips to Fix Safari Running Slow on MacBook, MacBook Pro/ Air Solution 1: Clear Cache, Extension, and History. problems with safari after an update? Let’s see a solution- If your day begins and ends with Mac and Safari, then you probably should clear cache, extensions, and history periodically. Internet on this computer has been really slow for over a year. Most devices in my home are around 75 mbps download speed. Just did the speed test and got .6 for download and 7.37 upload. I’m not completely computer illiterate but I have no idea what has been going on. I’m running High Sierra, - MacBook Air 13" Early 2014

I've read through a similar sounding problem here: My MacBook pro Wi-Fi is slow, other devices are OK. However, my MCS index, Transmit Rate(Tx), RSSI and Noise seem to be relatively acceptable. See screenshot here: This all seems ok from what I've read, however, …

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Jan 25, 2020 · Too many apps open at the same time can cause your MacBook Pro running slow because those apps will all use RAM at once, foremost, if you have an older MacBook Pro with less RAM. Opening too many tabs on the browser can cause RAM issues on your computer. So, close some apps or tabs on your browser to free up RAM and speed up your MacBook.

6 Common iMac Slow Issues (And How to Fix Them 2019) Aug 19, 2019 SOLVED: Slow Internet on Windows 10 - MacBook Core 2 Duo Hello, I usually connect my macbook 3.1 in University's public network. When I run MacOS, I've no problem. But, when I use Windows (10), the network receiver seems really slow.