Nov 19, 2015

WNDR4500 Wireless Bridge setup help - NETGEAR Communities It is located in my bedroom. Downstairs I do not have any internet wire connections, so I wanted to use the older router (WNDR4500) to connect to my main router, via wifi, and then connect a cable to my TV so it has internet. That looks like a wireless repeater. Some routers will turn into repeaters, many more can become wired access points. Configure netgear N300 as a wireless access point I have an existing asdl wireless router in my home and as the distances (and internal stone walls ) restrict my wifi I would like to create a 2nd access point at the other end of the house using my new netgear N300 ASDL2+ DGN2200v3 wireless router. I have run the network cable between the LAN ports of both routers.

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Aug 20, 2009