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Nov 10, 2016 Trouble accessing FTP sites via pfSense Solutions I've been trying to access an external FTP site without success. Public FTP sites can't be reached either. I've used Filezilla, IE, Chrome, Passive mode, and Active mode. I'm convinced the problem lies with my router, specifically pfSense. Does anyone here have experience in trying to configure pfSense so that they can access external FTP sites? Use pfSense as a NTP Server | iceflatline

Nov 03, 2015

Creating FTP over SSL secure server using Filezilla with Pfsense. 1- First step would be by creating the groups/users you want to create. Second click settings and go to Passive Mode settings and configure it as below, where your Public IP needs to be of the firewall that NATs the connection. How to Set Up an NTP Server Using pfSense and OpenNTPD Jan 15, 2018 nat - pfSense not forwarding back packets - Server Fault

Nov 23, 2018 · Here is a quick tutorial on how we can access our web servers, ftp servers remotely, or even host our own website or web app by configuring port forwarding. We will be using pfsense as our router.

The key thing to know if you are new to pfsense rules is that the rules are applied on the interface where the traffic first enters pfsense - so if you are wanting to allow external FTP connections from the WAN to an FTP server on your LAN, the rule would be on the WAN interface. Return traffic for that connection is allowed automatically by pfSense so you don't need to create any rules on the