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It looms up out of the woods like a dormant beast. Grand, imposing… abandoned and deteriorating, the Danvers State Mental Hospital, closed down for 15 years is about to receive 5 new visitors. Donning protective gear, the men of the Hazmat Elimination Co. venture into the eerily vast and vacant asylum that is filled with an evil and mysterious past. Rampant patient abuse, medieval medical Session 9 Synopsis | Fandango Aug 10, 2001 Review: : session 9 These session tapes, while seemingly irrelevant to the plot of the movie, illustrate what director Brad Anderson wants to emphasize—fear of the unseen and unknown. You can't see the sessions, or the horrors behind them, and that's the captivating effect. It's like … Session 9 (DVD) - Film

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Posts about session 9 movie written by Patrick Keller. Yesterday I watched Session 9 (from my list of movies I plan on checking out this fall), a movie filmed on location at the Danvers State Hospital/Insane Asylum in Danvers, Massachusetts.I’m not sure where I was when this film was released in 2001, but I was a different kind of nerd then, and this film just wasn’t on my radar, I guess. Session 9 (2001) - Brad Anderson | Synopsis Aug 10, 2001

Sep 14, 2001 · Directed by Brad Anderson. With David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle, Josh Lucas. Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back.

The gore, like a lot of the characters motivation, isn't just laid out like some teenagers intestines as in most "horror" movies. No haunted house has ever looked so scary in the daylight. Session 9 is without a doubt one of the most hypnotic and frightening movies I have ever seen. The gore, like a lot of the characters motivation, isn't just