How do I watch on All 4? What are the minimum operating

When 4oD launches early next year, Sky customers will be able to access the catch-up TV content from all the UK terrestrial networks. Channel 4 is also to become the first terrestrial network to As well as 4oD joining Sky On Demand, Channel 4 becomes the first terrestrial network to offer its channels and programmes on Sky Go, the Sky multi-platform TV service. Sky Go users can now stream On the Channel 4 site, it says this in 'How to Watch All 4 on TV' under Sky: 'If you have access to on-demand content, press TV Guide and then the red button. You will find All 4 programmes in both US comedy about a talented but carefree New York detective who is taken aback when a strict new captain with a lot to prove takes over the running of his precinct Below is a completely free (and often updated) list of all free to air Sky Channels For Sky Q boxes, use the instructions below: Find the channel you want to tune in using the table below If you think Sky is lying, then contact the channels and see what they say, but as you said 4OD just said they are working with Sky to sort it out, but they never said Sky are withholding the content. Also, in your original post, that I was answering, you never said to pass the details on to someone else, you clearly said to follow it up. Salvatore falls in love with a classmate, Alice, but when people tell him you can die for love of a woman, he doesn't pursue her. Meanwhile, his family's urge to avoid the Mafia runs aground.

Now TV has added 4oD to its selection of on-demand services. Shows including Misfits, Peep Show and Hollyoaks are now available through Sky's £10 box, which transforms standard TVs into smart sets.

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Had to watch 4OD to watch qualifying today since Sky (whom I pay) are unable to provide this service and had to endure 4's adverts and (IMO) lower quality production to view it.

Apr 12, 2013 · Before I contact Sky thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions. For about a week now I have been unable to download anything from the 'on demand' section. This includes iplayer/4od etc as well as all the sky channels. Sky Showcase is still updating itself (well as well as it does for me, which is a programme every now and then!). 4oD launches on the NOW TV Box. With an Entertainment Month Pass customers can enjoy 10 of the UK's best pay TV channels including Sky Atlantic, Fox, Discovery and Comedy Central live and on Basically this programme was on on Thurdsay night and still isn't on the 4OD catchup section. Is it the fault of Channel 4 or Sky? Really annoying as I have the other 3 episodes. I've seen them and suprisingly really enjoyed them. Hard to explain the programme without it sounding s*it. Want to watch the 4th episode without all the breaks. Dec 04, 2013 · The Sky Store channel is available now on all Roku players in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The 4oD channel is available now on the Roku 3 player and will be available on additional Roku player models in the UK in the future. [UPDATE: The 4oD channel is now available on all Roku players in the UK.] Happy Streaming!