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Baldur's Gate: EE Party Member Guide | User Guides Yeslick can be found while delving in the Cloakwood Mines and is met during the story quest in the area. Dwarf Male Fighter/Cleric; Lawful Good; As close to a Paladin as a dwarf can be in Baldur's Gate, Yeslick is a very solid addition for a good party. The only area he is lacking in is intelligence which is the least important stat for either Unable to get to Cloakwood (AR2200) : baldursgate Unable to get to Cloakwood (AR2200) Close. 4. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. Archived. Unable to get to Cloakwood (AR2200) I am attempting to get to the Cloakwood (AR2200) but no matter which area I exit from in any of the adjacent territories I cannot see it. Is there some sort of quest I need first? 2 points · 2 years ago.

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Apr 02, 2001 Cloakwood - Ironworks Gaming Forum Sep 27, 2001 A guide to new magic items in BG:EE - Beamdog Forums Rashad's Talon +2 (Standard scimitar +2) - Cloakwood 2, on cliff overlooking sea in the south of the area. This may disappear if you don't collect it the first time you visit cloakwood 2. Cloak Wood | Realm of Adventure Wiki | Fandom