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Aug 01, 2019 · You'll also choose a user name, which is required to be unique and allows other users to search for you to request or send money. The app will ask if you want to link to Facebook (if you didn't already register through the Facebook) and then ask if you'd like to sync your phone contacts to locate Venmo users you already know. You can use You pay with any of the 20 different payment methods, we convert your money to Stealth - digital anonymous money - and send it to the beneficiary. All you need is the fund receiver`s email address. level 1 Send money on time, all the time . Enter your payment details in advance, then get reminders when you need them so you never miss a payment again. Get money right in the bank . Set a default payment method and any money that’s sent to you will automatically be transferred to that account – no need to cash out. Request money all in one go If your friends or family are GCash users, there’s a convenient way to send money to them. Just use your GCash App or dial *143# and you can send them money instantly, free of charge. Once they receive the money, they can use it to pay for online purchases, buy load, or pay bills!

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Create an alter-ego email address. This may sound strange, but most online sites only require a … How to sending of money anonymously online | | ACE Money Sending money to someone anonymously is also meant for kindness and this is often done out of the truest intentions and from pious hearts. These people are now able to continue this kindness through many sources. Tags: How to sending of money anonymously online,