Untagged VLANs are just separate networks on the same interface and can be handled by: Adding an alias to the appropriate interfaces (ie to the Internal Aliases), effectively telling NG Firewall that this network range is local on this interface. -OR-. Adding a route so traffic for that subnet is routed appropriately (ie is routed to "local on Internal (eth1)"

Before configuring your Untangle's wireless interface you will want to plan ahead. You will want to determine how many devices will be connecting to the wireless. To configure the Wireless interfaces follow these instructions. First you will navigate to Config > Network and then click on the Edit icon (pencil) on the line of the Wireless interface. Untangle Jul 22, 2020 DHCP relay for VLANs - Untangle Aug 12, 2016 Untangle Forums Jul 21, 2020

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Untangle running on ESXi sending tagged VLAN to Cisco

int Gi1/0/25 switchport mode access switchport access vlan 201 When plugging my computer into port 25, I get no network connectivity (and am given a 169.254.*) address. Aside from this configuration, I have also tried setting the VLAN ID to 0 (None) and 4095 (All), and I have also tried setting up a VLAN interface in Untangle. However, I am not UnTangle DHCP Relay Agent? : sysadmin Do you want the local unTangle box running as a DHCP/DNS server for the site, or the one at HQ? Where ever the vLAN is defined is usually where you have your DHCP Relay, and that points to what ever you want the DHCP server to be. Whether Untangle has this capability is another mater entirely. Solved: Voice VLAN Help Please - Cisco Community Now they want to move the phone system to a new VLAN because their class C subnet is running out of addresses. DHCP is handled by their Active Directory and their router/firewall is an Untangle Box. The SG300 switches have a basic configuration only. To move the phone system to a new VLAN I created VLAN 20 on every switch. pfSense or Untangle | [H]ard|Forum May 04, 2011